Marathon Day Reflections, Part 1

Now that Marathon Day 2014 is behind us, our team members have been taking time to reflect on the day and the experience. And by the way, we’ve raised more than $60,000 for the scholarship with your help! A huge thank you to all of our supporters.


What a day!  By far, the best day of my life!  Having a great day doesn’t change anything about what happened last year … but it was a much needed reminder of how wonderful Marathon Monday can be!  I will say that I was surprised going into that morning, that nerves never came to the surface.  I arrived at Hopkinton prepared and ready to be part of the group that took back the finish line!  The distance and hills were nothing compared to the love and support that was felt throughout the entire 26.2 miles.  Friends, family and complete strangers all came together to make sure that we all made it safely back to Boylston Street … and we did just that!  Crossing that finish line, holding hands with Jenn and Rob, is a moment in time that I will never forget.

MY MOTIVATIONMILE 25.9 with ROB & JENN in the background!

Caitlyn, Jenn and Rob

 Jenn, Caitlyn, and Rob 


I never thought 3 and a half months ago that I would ever be able to finish a mile never mind a marathon, but sitting here a little over a week after and I’m still truly happy and proud of myself and all Team Collier Strong runners for what we accomplished.  Physically the day was taxing enough with the heat wave that came through since we all trained in the arctic, but emotionally it was a good relief to be out there running with people that Sean may have known or who were influenced by him in some way.  Running past countless signs, posters, pictures and tributes to Sean was such a moving memory of his life and importance of the Marathon and him from the whole week that definitely pushed me along the way.  To my fiancée Julie and all Sean’s friends and my friends that came out to cheer us on and pose for some pictures, I just want to thank as well.  They’ve been there from the start and I was happy to finish it with them.  Two best parts of the race for me were being able to spend a moment with everyone at the start, thanking them for their time and sacrifices over the past few months, and then being able run down Boylston waving to my hysterically cheering family while crossing the finish line with my good friend Caitlyn and my sister Jenn.  Those are two lasting heartfelt memories and I’m glad I got to experience it.  So will I run the Boston Marathon again, I’m not sure, but I know I enjoyed this journey and I’m thankful for the opportunity to experience something I’ve never done before. I know it’s something Sean would have done and it’s special we got to share that one last time.


Rob and his fiancée Julie


Jenn and Rob showing off their medals at the end of the race



Rachel recently suffered a stress fracture that prevented her from running, but she was still there on Marathon Day cheering us on! We wish her a speedy recovery and look forward to racing with her soon. 

I just want to say that despite the fact that I didn’t get to run on race day, the past few months have been a one in a lifetime opportunity.  I’ve met some great new friends through Team Collier Strong and it was an honor to be part of this team.   I went into Boston on MarathonMonday to cheer our team on.  With my bib, I was able to get through security & up to the barricades on the corner of Hereford & Boylston St, about a 1/2 mile from the finish line.  I was overwhelmed w/emotion.  Within the first 10 minutes of standing there, I saw at least 4 people who couldn’t take another step – their bodies just gave out.  But, to see perfect strangers stop running themselves & find the energy to try and carry or assist these runners for the last 1/2 mile was incredible.  Also, the cheering never subsided – it went on for hours – for the entire sea of runners.  It was an amazing day to be a part of.   I will be forever grateful for this opportunity!
Steve Young (MIT, US Rowing) is a satellite member of Team Collier Strong. We know he’ll get that BQ soon, and look forward to seeing him up here soon.
Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. An appropriate marathon to run as a satellite member of Team Collier Strong as the marathon is run in remembrance of the 168 lives lost in the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. I imagine the feeling at the start was similar to that in Boston this year as we started directly in front of the Oklahoma City Memorial and took a moment to remember those who perished and those who were forever changed by a senseless act of violence. After the events of last year’s Boston Marathon, I wanted more than ever to run a qualifying marathon time so that I could join the rest of the running world in saying “we are not afraid and we will continue to triumph over fear.” Having only run one marathon prior to this BQ attempt, I knew it was ambitious to try and break 3 hours and 5 minutes; especially since my one and only other marathon was completed in 4 hours and 52 minutes. Still, I knew I was far better trained this time around and my recent race results suggested that running a 3 hour marathon was very real possibility. After a 2 hour weather delay, we took to the line and I settled right into my stride, running 6:45/mile pace for the first 15 miles. Over the next few miles, the rain clouds gave way to a brutal sun and an even more challenging headwind. At mile 20, I ran my first mile over 7 minutes and less than a mile later I was doing everything in my power just to continue putting one foot in front of the next. Even when I saw that running a Boston qualifying time was out of reach, I refused to walk for any portion of the race, even though I felt my legs would cave underneath me if I didn’t. In the end, I am very proud of the 3:07:38 marathon I ran on Sunday and am confident that I will run a Boston qualifier between now and the September deadline. I am extremely honored to have been a part of Team Collier Strong and am proud of everyone involved in this noble effort to honor such an incredible individual. Sean will be missed, but never forgotten.
Marathon day lived up to and exceeded all of my expectations! The race itself exceeded my expectations of how bad my body could feel (particularly miles 22-25), but made it to the finish line and was blown away by all of the raucous support along the whole race course! I really enjoyed seeing MIT Kappa Sigma volunteering in Hopkinton, Travis in Wellesley, Cheryl and Kerri around mile 14, the Matts family at mile 17, and many of my friends near the finish. I’d like to give a big big thank you to them, and everyone who came out to support Team Collier Strong! Looking back, I feel privileged to have been given the chance to be a part of Team Collier Strong, and am very thankful to have gotten the chance to get to know all of the team members.
Passing Travis in Wellesley
Sara and Ian

As I reflect on Marathon day, I find myself grateful for the friendships made, humility earned, and the experience of running to honor the life of Sean A. Collier.  I ran with pride and resolve knowing that the team jersey I wore honored the memory of a great young man.  In my mind, that day was absolutely perfect.  A special thank you to Sean’s family, my amazing teammates, my fiancé Brian, our sponsors and donors, the SOsponsored team, and all those who helped make marathon day an incredible day.


Jamie and Ian at mile 25 (Photo by Andrew Schlaepfer)


Just want to start off by thanking Sgt Sullivan, Jenn, Rob and the entire Collier Strong Team for having the faith in me to run for Sean.  This experience was like no other.  

When I started this training journey, there were days that I just wanted to quit.  It was freezing cold, raining, hailing, sleeting or snowing on almost ALL of our training runs.  But, once we were on the open road, our thoughts were on Sean and all the victims/survivors of last years Marathon.  Because I had already been training for numerous 1/2 marathons, the longer runs were not so bad…until we hit 18 miles…can I tell you that was tough…but our motto was “WE GOT THIS”…and we did!  Marathon Monday was amazing from start to finish, and I got to do it with the BEST running partner ever!  We had so many laughs that day, from trying to figure out how to put in our T-pass (to only find out it was free), to riding the T (and trying to remember which stop to get off on)…but once we hit the Boston Common, there was no turning back!  From waiting for the bus and having Jenn yell “get on the grass” …to Jamie and her fancy tricks on the bus!  But it wasnt until we got to the start line that the emotions came!  It was one of the hardest, yet most amazing experiences I have ever been part of. Seeing that “WE ARE BOSTON STRONG!”…I may have started the Marathon, but the crowd got me to finish!
Thank you to my family and my friends who supported me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!
Hey Boston…I’ll see you next year!
Melinda and Melissa. Photo by Andrew Schlaepfer
I am humbled and greatly appreciative to have been afforded this wonderful opportunity to run in honor of Sean.  I am also extremely grateful to the Rogers/Collier Family and to Team Collier Strong for all the enthusiasm and the extraordinary effort that went into the marathon, and which made it a success enjoyed by all.  My sincerest hope is that everybody fulfilled happily achieved their goal and had fun.  In addition, and more so, I am hopeful that the goal of Team Collier Strong will be accomplished.  I hope everybody had the run of their lives!

photo-5 (1)

Uncle Jim, Nora, Declan, and John’s wife Becky

photo-2 (1)

John, Nora, and Colm


I can not be more happier and more proud that I was given this opportunity to fund raise and run the Boston Marathon for Team Collier Strong.  The whole experience was simply amazing. To feel the love and support from so many people, tells me that not only were people behind me, but they also were touched by Sean’s story.  The marathon itself, was my very first.  It is funny because people will say, “how did it go? did you finish?”   –I never even gave not finishing a thought.  I KNEW, no matter what I would push it to the limit in honor of a fallen police officer who will never get the chance to do this. It was HOT! Especially when you are used to training in the freezing cold- but Melissa and I stuck together.  I don’t even really recall where exactly “HeartBreak Hill’ was– but the hill wasn’t so bad because we trained on the hilly roads of Dracut/Tyngsboro!     It wasn’t easy in the heat, the last 3 miles I really really struggled- but Melissa and I finished in 4:40.

I am so grateful to Jenn, Rob and everyone else for welcoming us Tyngsboro girls into the Collier Strong team!   I am forever thankful Sgt Sullivan for recommending us to this team and for all his help and support.  I just can’t believe that the training and fundraising is over for now.  I enjoyed every single moment of it.  It truly was an amazing honor.

image (13)

image (14) image (11)

The “Run-up” to the Marathon

As our last major pre-race event, Lir was gratious enough to give us space for our biggest fundraiser yet! The bar was packed all night, the food Lir provided was delicious, and the silent auction and raffle items were a big hit. After a couple hundred people passed through and the dust settled, we had raised over $6000, putting us over our total fundraising goal of $50,000!!! We’d like to give a big thanks to Lir for being so generous, and all of our friends and supporters who came out to make the night a success. As an aside: we will be continuing our fundraising efforts into the foreseeable future, so feel free to check out our Fundly page or the donations page if you’d like to contribute!


A panoramic view of the packed-house at Lir on April 9th.

As our final long-ish training run prior to the marathon, some team members decided to attend “From Our Firehouse to Your Firehouse” fun run at Heartbreak Hill Running Company in Newton on April 12th. HHRC donated all of the registration fees and money raised to Walsh-Kennedy Memorial Fund, and we were all very happy to participate. The route took us through some of the dreaded Newton hills and part of the marathon course. It was also our first experience training in warm weather (70+ degrees and sunny), which definitely took its toll on us. All in all the run was a great experience and we were happy to give our support!


Jaime, Sara, Ian, Jenn, the HHRC gorilla, Tina, Rob, and Caitlyn in front of HHRC before starting our run.


Caitlyn demonstrating her injury contingency plan for finishing the marathon.


Running in the warmth and sunshine!

April 18th marked the one-year anniversary of Sean’s death. To remember and honor him and his contributions to the MIT community, that morning a memorial service was held on campus. Speakers included MIT executive vice president and treasurer Israel Ruiz, MIT Police Chief John DiFava, Deputy Chief Jay Perault, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey, Associate Professor of Architecture J. Meejin Yoon, and Team Collier Strong’s Sara Ferry. The speakers shared some of their personal memories of Sean, and Professor Yoon unveiled plans for the permanent memorial that is being planned for MIT’s North Court. Later that night, MIT held a candlelight vigil, also at North Court as a time to remember and reflect. For more information on the memorial service and/or the planned permanent memorial, click the highlighted words or the pictures below.

MIT Police Department lining up before entering the memorial ceremony. Photo from

Sara speaking at the one-year remembrance anniversary service. Photo from


Artist’s rendering of the plan’s for the permanent memorial for Sean at MIT. Photo from

In between memorial activities, several team members headed over to the Runner’s Convention at Hynes Convention center on Boylston street right by the finish line. The convention ran Friday through Sunday, and every runner had to stop in to pick up their bibs in person. Along with out bibs we received a bag full of race info, our shirts, a Sam Adams bottle opener, and a bunch more. If that wasn’t enough, the convention was also full of vendors selling the latest and greatest in their running-centric products. For me, all of the free samples of edible runner-fuel left me feeling particularly amped.

Entering the pick-up area at Hynes Convention Center.


Caitlyn was super excited to get her bib!


Tina, Sara, Ian , and Jenn showing off their bibs.

The great surprise of heading to the Runner’s Convention was outside the Old South Church, where the church’s “Marathon Scarf Project” was in full swing. The church asked for donations of hand-knitted blue and yellow scarves in order to “wrap Boston Marathon runners in love, hope.” Along with the (free) scarves came a blessing from one of the volunteers, which made picking up our scarves an even more special experience.


Ian’s awesome optical-illusion scarf from the Old South Church’s Marathon Scarf Project.

On April 19th, Kappa Sigma at MIT held their 4th annual “Nearly Naked Nearly Mile” philanthropy event. The general premise is to show up, pay/donate a registration fee, strip down to your underwear, and go for a little run around campus. The registration fees are donated to charity, and the removed clothing is donated to the American Red Cross. Ian was an undergraduate member there and is the house’s current RA, so when they heard he was running on Team Collier Strong, they approached him to ask if their charity this year could be the Scholarship. The event was the most successful iteration to date, raising over $3500 for the Scholarship! It was also a great atmosphere to remember Sean in good spirits in the community that he loved so much.

Brothers of Kappa Sigma running nearly naked.


Team Collier Strong showing its support.

To aid in the team’s required (and delicious) carbo-loading, the MIT Strong marathon team invited Team Collier Strong to join them for their pre-race celebration dinner on MIT’s campus. The dinner was hosted in Morss Hall, a beautiful old ballroom on campus, with the food donated by the MIT Alumni Association. With great food and great company, the dinner was a great opportunity to bond some more with MIT Strong and to celebrate the fundraising and training accomplishments for both teams. It was also the last chance for TCS members to see each other before the big day!


Jenn thanking Team Collier Strong, MIT Strong, friends, and family for their support at the MIT Strong pre-marathon dinner.


The Green Building at MIT lit up with #179 after the pre-marathon dinner.

Less Than Two Weeks Until Race Day!

As we are now in the second week of April, the 2014 Boston Marathon is less than two weeks away! The team members are getting even more excited as we near the end of our training regimens and pre-race fundraising efforts for the Sean Sean Collier Self Sponsor Scholarship.

We’ve passed the $40,000 mark in our fundraising and are ready for the final push to reach our $50,000 goal before race day on the 21st! Our last fundraiser event is coming up this TONIGHT at Lir on Boylston St (follow the link to the event’s facebook page). Please come out and show your support! We will have silent auction items, raffle prizes, Collier Strong t-shirts, headbands, and more for sale. There will also be a 50/50 raffle, from which all proceeds will be donated in support of Firefighter Michael Kennedy and Lt. Edward Walsh. We look forward to seeing you there!


If you won’t be able to make it out Wednesday but still want to show your support, there’s still plenty of things you can do:

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 10.54.14 AM

Over the past few weeks have have been reaching the climax of our training schedules: the dreaded 20-miler. From there, we can all ease into the marathon with a taper in training leading up to the race. The MIT Strong marathon team was gracious enough bring Jenn, Sara, Ian, and Jaime along for its 22-mile training run along the marathon route, which was a great opportunity for us to meet some the the MIT Strong team members and get a preview of the course.


Caitlyn testing her balance on the harborside in the midst of a run


Rob running along the harbor


Jaime enjoying a neighborhood run


See you all on the 21st!

Back on Boylston, The Team Collier Strong Fundraiser at Forum Restaurant

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Boston for the Team Collier Strong first “Back on Boylston” fundraiser event at the Forum Restaurant.  Friends, family, loved ones and those touched by last year’s marathon tragedy came in droves to support Officer Sean Collier’s legacy and to benefit the scholarship. We thank loyal Forum Restaurant and staff for their support and for hosting the fundraiser – everything was fantastic from the appetizers right down to to the drinks!

If you missed the event, you can still purchase Collier Strong Apparel and Car Decals with 100% of all profits benefiting the MIT Officer Sean Collier Self Sponsor Scholarship. Click a product below to start shopping!

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 9.12.36 AM


Thank you for helping us spread the word CBS Boston Channel 4, WCVB Boston Channel 5 and WHDH Boston Channel 7.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 9.23.49 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 9.23.29 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 9.23.17 AM

We love you, Boylston Street

Donate now to the scholarship

Read more about the scholarship 

We are past the halfway mark for our fundraising goal! In fact, for one day, we were sitting at a total of $26,200 – pretty appropriate :) Here’s how you can help us get to our $50,000 goal by marathon day:

  • Come to our fundraisers!  This Saturday we will be at Forum on Boylston St, starting at 11 AM. (Kids are welcome, by the way!) On Sunday, we’ll be at Brothers’ Pizza in Dracut. On Wednesday night, April 9, we’ll be at Lir on Boylston St. (Join the facebook event pages by clicking on the links). We will have silent auction items, raffle prizes, T-shirts, headbands, and wristbands for sale – but mostly, we’re looking forward to seeing you!
  • Donate a raffle or silent auction item for the fundraisers (email
  • Buy a Collier Strong shirt, and share the link with your family and friends
  • Like Team Collier Strong on facebook, or tweet the link to
  • Donate directly to the scholarship by credit card or check (donations are tax deductible)

However, before we get to more team updates, we just want to acknowledge the two Boston firefighters who lost their lives yesterday. We love our first responders, and our thoughts are with the Boston Fire Department and the families of Firefighter Michael Kennedy (assigned to Ladder 15) and Lt. Edward Walsh (assigned to Engine 33). The Boylston St fire station honored Sean last spring, and Team Collier Strong is heartbroken for their loss today.

Boston Red Sox Victory Parade

There has been far too much sadness on Boylston St this year, and when we run for Sean on marathon day, we will be thinking of these two heroes as well. The proceeds from the 50/50 raffles at our two Boylston St fundraising events will be given to support the firefighters of Boston.



As March comes to a close, the team has been moving forward with training and fundraising as marathon day approaches.

This past weekend, Melissa and Melinda hosted a wonderful fundraiser at Coyle’s Tavern in Dracut. There were tons of raffles, great attendance, good food, and over $4000 was raised for the scholarship! Here’s Ian, me, Jenn, Melissa, Melinda, and Sully with our team mascot for the night.

melindamelissaNo one would say that it’s warm, but at least it’s been sunny.
Taping of CH 5 InterviewRob - Charles RiverRob on Monument AvenueCaitlyn @ Monument

The finish line is painted!


We’ve been hitting the hills in Newton… IMG_9999IMG_3292

We’ve been running into lots of wildlife…image (2)image (3)

This goose held up traffic for a bit while it hung out in Mass Ave for a few minutes before relieving itself and flying away.



Here’s some of the team with Sgt Vossmer, Sgt Sullivan, and Kathy Curran from Channel 5. If you haven’t watched their news story on our team yet, you should check it out!

channel5Makeup artist Collier Strong sent us this picture of himself wearing his Collier Strong shirt, which we thought was pretty great:


Thank you for your continued support of the Sean A. Collier Self Sponsor Scholarship, and we hope we get to see everyone this weekend!


Mark your calendars for the next Team Collier Strong fundraising events!

Donate now to the scholarship

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First things first: we’ve got a lot of fundraising events coming up!

This weekend, Melissa and Melinda will be hosting an event at Coyle’s tavern in Dracut.coyles

Next weekend, we’ll be hosting an event at Forum on Boylston St on Saturday, March 29 from 11-2. On Sunday, Brothers pizza will be throwing a party to celebrate their March fundraiser for the scholarship ($1 of every pizza sold during the month of March is going to the scholarship!) .


Finally, we’ll be hosting an event at Lir on Boylston St on April 9th starting at 7PM! The facebook invite for that event is here. We will have Collier Strong and Boston Strong shirts for sale, in addition to bracelets and limited edition running headbands.

We’re well past $15,000 raised at this point, which is so exciting. A cool thing that you might have seen if you follow our facebook page: makeup artist Collier Strong (he was on Project Runway, and has worked with just about every celebrity you’ve ever heard of) donated $1000! We soon realized that he shared his name with our team slogan when we tried to register before going with Thank you, Collier!!!

As for training: we’ve all been getting our workouts and long runs in. Tricia took this picture while out for a run in Florida:
IMG_20140306_104726234 - Copy

Here’s part of the team out in our Collier Strong shirts on St. Patrick’s day:


Jamie snapped this picture of the T:

photo - Copy

Caitlyn and Rob out for an 18 mile run along the race route:

photo (1) - Copy

Waiting for the sun to come out and the ice to clear…photo (2) - Copy

…and Caitlyn again at the site of Sean’s temporary memorial. The stone is from the MIT dome, and will eventually be moved to MITPD. Sean would love all the American flags.
photo (4) - Copy

Getting closer to open water over the weekend! It was really good to see some 8+s and scullers out on the water yesterday – that’s how you know winter’s finally on the way out.
photo (6)

Skanksa has put up a covered walkway outside their construction project on Mass Ave near MIT. It features lots of rotating art. Sean makes an appearance in the latest iteration.
photo (8)

So, to recap:

  • Saturday, March 22 at Coyle’s in Dracut, 7-11
  • Saturday, March 29 at Forum on Boylston St, 11AM-2PM
  • Sunday, March 30 at Brother’s pizza in Dracut
  • Wednesday, April 9 at Lir on Boylston St, 7PM on

We would love to see you there! One month until the marathon!

Training, fundraising, and upcoming events!

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Hi everyone! It’s been a busy week for Team Collier Strong as we move forward with our fundraising plans and training. First, some running updates from the team. Click on photos to enlarge!

image (10) Melissa, Melinda, and Rachel met up for 11.5 miles. It started snowing six miles in. The cold has yet to let up, although we’ve been relatively lucky during daylight hours on weekends for our longer runs. (At least, it’s been in the 30s and 40s, instead of the 0s and 10s.)

photo (48) Tina did some indoor training in her new Boston Strong dryfit shirt. We’ll have some more of these for sale at events – or you can connect with our wonderful team from SOsponsored to get one. (We will have new Collier Strong shirts out at all our spring events, too!) Click the image below to purchase online!


Caitlyn was in Antigua. Try not to hate her too much. She was back out running in the cold this week, though.

IMG_2513 IMG_2480 PEACE IMG_2289

Jamie is still getting her workouts in. Her fiancé is behind her in the blue shirt!

photo (50)photo (49)photo (51)

Jenn, Ian, and I got in our longest run yet on Sunday. 17 miles along the river + 1/3 of a stadium. Ian paused on the Esplanade to check out the zip line in a playground. (If you have children and are nearby, the playgrounds along the Esplanade are really incredible!)


After some hot yoga and spinning, we (+Caitlyn!) were back out on the river Wednesday night for a very chilly 8 miles with the run group at the Boston location of Marathon Sports. Jenn has also been cooking (lots of) high-energy oatmeal bites. They’re pretty good!


Jenn and Nicole out for a run in MIT Police / Collier Strong gear:


Jess (in yellow) with fellow Kickhop teammate Laura (in red). Laura’s going to be running the Run to Remember. Kickhop was Sean’s kickball team.

photo (53)

So, what else? Well, things are going really well on the fundraising front! This week, we announced that we surpassed $13,000 in donations: this is from checks that have been sent directly to the police station, from the credit card donations on our Fundly site, and from the money raised at our fundraising events. We’ve actually gotten to about $14,000 since making that announcement!

A big part of that total is a $5000 check from the NSTAR foundation. We were so (pleasantly!) surprised to receive the news that they were planning to donate to the Sean A. Collier Self-Sponsor Scholarship as part of our team’s fundraising efforts. We are so very grateful for their generosity. We are excited to run the marathon, but we are more excited to help aspiring police officers who embody Sean’s values and compassionate spirit achieve their dreams.

We still need all the help we can get! Please like and share our facebook page, and consider donating by credit card or check. Donations are tax deductible.

You can also mark your calendars for March 29 and April 9, when we will be having team fundraising events at Boylston St establishments Forum and Lir. Because of their location, Forum and Lir were profoundly affected by the events of April 15, 2013, and we’re very grateful to them for donating their spaces to us. Our poster for these events is below. We will have raffles and our new official T-shirts for sale! If you or your workplace is interested in donating prizes for raffles and silent auctions, please contact!

Team Collier Strong Poster-final

Don’t forget about the ongoing fundraising at Brothers Pizza in Dracut! For every pizza sold this month, $1 will be donated to the Sean A. Collier Self-Sponsor Scholarship. Finally, Melissa and Melinda will be hosting a fundraiser for the team on March 22, 7-11 PM. The address is below!

Coyle’s Tavern

1480 Broadway Road, Dracut, MA 01826

We hope to see you there!

Thank you for supporting Team Collier Strong!

Donate now to the scholarship

Read more about the scholarship 

A big thank you to everyone who came out to our first two fundraising events!

Our first event was at 224 Boston Street – a big thank you to team member Nicole for organizing! Thanks to the following people who donated raffle prizes:

  • Kevin Tyo, the owner of the restaurant, for donating the space and appetizers, in addition to a dinner for 2
  • John Lowe
  • Amanda Cascione, Kevin Gibson, Steve Currie: Celtics tickets
  • Paul Wilson of Nantasket Therapeutic Massage
  • Kerri Lynch-Delaney of Babycakes of Quincy
  • Mark Snider – owner of Winnetu Oceanside Resort of Martha’s Vineyard
  • Vineyard Vines
  • Mission Bar and Grill
  • Boston Athletic Club
  • Vanity Hair Salon

Click on photos to enlarge.

IMG_9607IMG_6573 IMG_7171 IMG_6033

Our next event was at The Thirsty Ear, one of MIT’s campus bars. Ian and I both work there, and it’s also where we first got to know Sean.



team member Joe and PR/planning guru Dominic (on the right) with their friends

There was quite a bit of karaoke, and we convinced Officer Turco (who moonlights as a stand-up comedian and also as a lawyer) to do some of his routine. However, I think we can all agree that as funny as his jokes are, they still didn’t top his and Erin’s unforgettable karaoke rendition of Kid Rock’s “Picture.”

Click on pictures to enlarge:

IMG_3307 IMG_9464 IMG_6376

A big thank you to everyone at Thirsty, and to our food donors: Area Four, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, The Asgard, and Chipotle. We really appreciate your support!


As our memorial for Sean at the bar, I made this table for Sean last spring, and the Thirsty Ear staff helped add the resin to protect the surface. For the fundraiser, we left a glass out for Sean on this table, like we always do at every event in his honor.

Between the two events, we raised an additional $3131 to donate to the scholarship!

We’ll have more events coming up to tell you about. During the month of March, you can also contribute to Team Collier Strong by ordering pizza from Brothers Pizza in Dracut. They’ve agreed to donate $1 to the scholarship for every pizza sold this month!


This week, we also presented the first Collier Medal at the annual MIT Excellence Awards. Congratulations to MIT EMS – everyone is thrilled that you are the inaugural recipients of this award. Check out these news articles about the 2014 Collier Medal from MITNews and the Boston Globe.

We will have more fundraising events soon. For right now, mark your calendars for the afternoon of March 29 and the evening of April 9. More details to come!

8 weeks to the marathon!

Donate now to the scholarship

Read more about the scholarship 

Hi everyone — we’re back with more training updates! Fundraising continues to go well – we’re at about $3500, including the fundly total and checks. We’ve got some events coming up soon, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress as we continue raising funds for the police academy scholarship in Sean’s honor.

Caitlin K. went for a 13.1 mile run between South Boston and Dorchester with her boyfriend. She says, “It was a pretty raw day with real feel at 9 degrees and wind gusts at 30mph, but I am glad to have another long run in the books.”

photo-54 photo-55

Jamie’s still training hard at the Old Colony YMCA in Middleboro:


John was in New York, so he went for a run in Brooklyn and Coney Island. (Click pictures to enlarge.)

 20140221_090936 20140221_090915 20140221_091205 20140221_091720 20140221_101404

Caitlyn B. and Rob  at run club:

photo (37)

Ian and I did 15 miles on Saturday. It was a pretty flat route, so we did a partial stadium run at Harvard at mile 7 to make up for it. Only a few sets of stairs are mostly clear of snow, unfortunately. There were some other stadium runners there, so people just formed a circulating loop along the mostly-clear sections.

photo (44) photo (43)  photo (41)

It was really warm on Saturday (about 50 degrees!), so at least Mass Ave no longer looks like this:

photo (39)

Unfortunately, the warm spell isn’t going to last long enough for the river to unfreeze any time soon. Rowers have been stuck on the ergs, and got to celebrate the results of all that winter training last weekend at the 2014 C.R.A.S.H.-B.s at Agganis Arena. Check out the design of the shirts this year!

photo (40)photo (45)

Also, for those of you who love rowing and/or Boston, I highly recommend you check out Igor B.’s photography.  He also photographs the C.R.A.S.H.-B. event, but I don’t think 2014 photos have been posted yet. Will update links once they are.

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